I Said Yes to the {Homecoming} Dress

I Said Yes to the {Homecoming} Dress As many of you know, it’s homecoming season! School is back in session and this crisp fall air is just slightly creeping in. This time of year always calls for the same thing.. picking out that perfect dress to wear to the perfect night.. The inevitable homecoming dance! I took to instagram and asked my lovely friends which dresses out of 9 were there favorite. And well, after days upon days of online shopping, MUCH consideration, and fervently searching for that “it dress” I have finally come across the perfect blend of modern and retro. I considered how every dress made me come across, and this “notice me” dress is eye-catching, yet elegant, classic, and timeless. None but one of my friends picked this dress for me and that’s exactly how I like it. The mainstream dresses that everyone picked we’re exactly what I wanted to avoid, wearing what everyone wanted or expected. Instead I opted for something almost no one picked and yet, by talking it over I came to realize that this dress is the mere essence of perfection for the night of October 5th. Most people probably think this is way to much consideration for just one dress…but I wouldn’t feel 100% about my answer unless I had reasoning behind it.

More posts to come on how I’m going to style it and the fit and quality once It comes in the mail. This is the My Heart Skips a Pleat dress by BB Dakota from Modcloth.com

Love, Emily


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