Friday Favorites

For as long as I can remember its been extremely easy for me to chose a favorite. A favorite food, favorite movie, favorite outfit.. But I’ve recently found myself having many new favorites. Those of which I would like to share with you. And so..sparked the idea of Friday Favorites! My weekly favorite things!

This Week 9/9-9/13

lauren conrad

1. Lauren Conrad’s new line for Blue Avocado called XO(eco) But seriously, this collection of lunch boxes, pie carriers, and makeup pouches is perfect. This is actually a collection of lunch totes that doesn’t look like they’re made for 3rd graders and also makes the typical brown bag look oh-so mundane.


2.Madeline Becker’s Vintage Skirt.
From the moment I laid my eyes on this vintage floral skirt, I was in in love. This skirt is classic, flirty, and the perfect piece for just about any occasion (In her case it was “bingo night”) Madeline’s polished, girly style is very similar to my taste and it’s safe to say, she’s one of my biggest style inspirations. She’s also the “sugar” part of Sugar&Spice. (Which is also one of my FAVORITE fashion blogs) So there’s about 2 favorites…go check them out.

blue gingham

3. Navy Gingham Shirts

There’s something about fall that has me dreaming of plaid. I know that’s probably not normal, but I can’t help it, navy gingham shirts are sooo adorable. The cozy, yet flirty, vibe they have make me wish the leaves were changing all year round! This classic summer staple isn’t just for summer anymore. How would you style this piece for fall? I want to know!! Me? Well, under just about every cable knit, cardigan, and vest I own.


4. The 60’s
Contrary to popular opinion, Right now I’m loving the 60’s. Everyone is so obsessed with the 20’s, 50’s, and 70’s. It’s not that I don’t love those eras, but the 60’s included the best things from all of those eras! I feel like it’s underrated! (I’m also loving the 40’s a lot too!)


5. 78Violet
The sister-duo formerly known as “Aly & Aj” is back on the charts! They recreated themselves and their music from teenybopper pop songs, into an indie rock- 70’s vibe that I’m obsessed with. I’ve listened to them since they were the cheeky sister singers on Disney Channel, and now I love their music more than ever. They’re still an on-the-rise band but it looks like they will do big things! Their new album Hothouse is out which includes their new single, Hothouse, which is my personal fave. Check them out here!

What are your recent favorites? Tell me in the comments and they might be in next weeks favorites!

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