Shades of Pink

It was a hot July day 2 months ago, when I experienced the cutest, most romantic ceremony. My Grandparents came across their 50th wedding anniversary! My mom and her siblings couldn’t let my grandparents do the same old dinner and a movie, and they knew they wouldn’t throw an extravagant anniversary party for themselves. Thus, came the idea of a surprise party, but not just any surprise party..a surprise vow renewal! My grandparents had been talking about renewing their vows for years and just never found the time. So now was the perfect time to do it.
The ceremony was beautiful, decorated with all shades of pink and green (their original wedding colors). It was truly a joyful day watching my grandparent’s love for each other blossom into such a sweet, sweet, ceremony. And well, can you blame me for gushing over this day? Love that has grown old, is love to be cherished. And that’s what I hope to have someday.

Candid mid-giggling face

I love them…

I wore a dress I got at Marshall’s Stores I also paired it with a 60’s inspired curly side ponytail. {also my sis who looks adorbs is wearing one of my old dresses!}





All photos were taken by Sarah Cross Photography.

Do you have any fun vow renewal stories, beautiful weddings you’ve been to, or even seen a cute engagement? I wanna hear! tell me! (and also follow me for more lovely things)


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xoxo, Emily


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