falling in love with * fall *

You can’t deny it any longer, the first day of fall is officially upon us. I do feel like this is quite bittersweet, though. The mushy summer flings wear off, the tan lines start to fade, kids go back to school, and the crisp fall air just creeps in and sweeps out the warm summer breeze. What I do love about fall though is just about everything else..the colorful leaves all over the ground, hay rides, pumpkin patches, the smell, thanksgiving, and of course, fall fashion. Fall is my favorite season for fashion-riding boots, big scarves, cozy sweaters, and even the plaid. For today though, being the first day of fall I wore my favorite transition outfit for this season.
My top is from J.Crew
My riding boots are from Target
My belt is from J.crew
My jeans are from OldNavy
My bag is from Target




what are your favorite fall ensembles? Tag them #VPFall !
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Photos by: Ella Moreland


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