How To: Survive Black Friday Madness!


For an avid shopper, like myself, I tend to get swept up with Black Friday. Can you blame me? Everything is on sale!! It’s a tradition in my family to go all out every year. That means going out very late/ early, getting in line, and shopping until we (quite literally) drop. To make the madness a little more tolerable and to score the big-ticket items we really want, we have a game plan. So, with only a few days left until this exciting day, here are my family’s tips on how to survive the madness.

1. Plan Ahead
Never, ever, ever just “go.” There are so many (easy) things you can do ahead of time that make your Black Friday less crazy and more successful! The next few steps will explain everything you can do to prep for the big day (and they won’t disrupt your turkey dinner!).

2. Organize Your Time
Find out what time each store you want to visit opens. Plan accordingly! Also, in the midst of craziness, check your time so you know when to go the next store. Most stores list their opening time on their website or mail advertisements or inside the store the week prior to Black Friday.

3. View Store Maps
Some larger store will post maps of their store on their website before Black Friday or pass them out while you’re waiting in line outside the store, or both. Because most stores move things around for Black Friday, this is an incredible resource to make it to the places you really want to go and get the things you really want! This also eliminates wandering around the store until you get where you need to be. Target has their’s up already! You can find it here.

4. Check Everything
Sometimes stores you might not think to go to have the big ticket items you’re looking for, especially with electronics. For example, Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Office Max have a huge assortment of electronics that could save you a crazy trip to Best Buy or Walmart! View the ads and plan accordingly!

5.Get in Line
I know, I know, you see those lines that stretch all the way around Target or people camping outside of Walmart, and your probably think “Those people are crazy.” And yes, they are. My family around the Thanksgiving table seems a little more important than scoring a 32″ flat screen. But, there is a middle ground. For the store that open at 10 pm on Thursday night, I usually get in line about 8pm. That way, I may not be the first person there, but I’m not the last, and I’m not missing the 4:00pm family dinner! It’s a win-win and I always end up scoring the things that I want. p.s.- It’s also a good idea to bring a friend and have them wait in the register line while you gather the items and then you can reduce your waiting and give yourself more time to head to other stores. (:

6. Bring Entertainment
Yes, I do go get in those big lines but sitting there for 2 hours (or more) in the cold can get slightly miserable! It’s always good to bring good music, snacks, and caffeine to keep you awake and entertained while you’re waiting.

7. Social Media is Your Friend
Actually, everything online is your friend. With Black Friday comes the infamous Cyber Monday. Stores online on both days will have incredible deals. So, if the the store craziness isn’t for you, shop in your pajamas on both days! Also, websites like compare all the deals as well as have all the adds and times of all the big stores. They even have an app you can get for free! And be sure to check up on all the social media of your favorite stores..some will post/tweet special deals!

I hope you score all those deals as comfortably as possible! Happy Holidays! Have any tips in how to handle your Black Friday experience? Comment or use the hashtag #VPBF

xoxo, Emily

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