Reviews of the Met Gala/Ball

Last night was the highly anticipated Met Gala! (Also referred to as the Met Ball). And this is my absolute favorite celebrity event of the year! This is the event where celebs really show their style and take fashion risks they otherwise wouldn’t take at upscale events. I’m breaking down Best dressed, worst dress, new trend sightings and more!

Trend Sightings
So many spring trends were spotted in the red carpet!

Karolina Kurkova rocks blue florals in this eye catching ball gown.
My Opinion: I didn’t expect this for her but she looks absolutely amazing! Love, love, love, love, love!!


Emmy Rossum stuns in this fun and flirty yellow floral dress.
My opinion: I can’t get enough Emmy, she looks amazing and this look is definitely one of my faves!


Rachel McAdams wasn’t with her beau, Ryan Gosling, last night but that didn’t stop her from dropping jaws in this gorgeous pastel pink dress.
My opinion: So Fetch! (;


Cara Delevigne dressed super casual in this sexy cutout black and white pair.
My opinion: This is the Met Gala she couldn’t try to be a little more formal? I applaud her daring sense of style but the glamour is absent from this ensemble.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr also got in on the trend, just more event-appropriate! With black and hot pink ensembles.
My opinion (Gwyneth): Okay I did think this was slightly too young for her but with that said…she’s Gwyneth Paltrow.. she can basically do no wrong!
My opinion (Miranda): Cute! Maybe not show-stopping-jaw-dropping-eye-catching, but still a statement and still fab! (Plus I don’t think Miranda Kerr has ever looked bad)


Best Dressed
Top Contenders
SJP will always be the queen of couture and last night, she stole the show! Wearing the always on point, Oscar De La Renta, she glowed in this black and white dress.



Taylor Swift and Zooey Daschanel caught eyes in their fabulous pink And navy gowns. Okay maybe I’m a little bias because my two favorite celebs got a picture together but…
My opinion: SO FABULOUS. SO FAB. That is all.


One of the most anticipated couples that attended last night was the infamous “Kimye” (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West). Dressed in black and blue.
My opinion: People crave Kim and Kanye and their success and gossip and seeing them together. This was sort of a let down for me. I thought Kim would go much more daring and riskful, instead I think she played it safe and while it’s pretty, it’s also underwhelming. They still made best dresses however because while underwhelming..still fabulous!


David and Victoria Beckham looked so posh last night! (Yes, that was a Spice Girls reference. Sorry not sorry.) The couple dresses in all white and looked amazing!
My Opinion: When in doubt, go with a neutral! The white complimented their skin fabulously and gave them an overall super-fierce look!


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard went for vintage glamour last night!
My Opinion: Amber is on point! But Johnny, the waist jacket and clunky shoes make his outfit look too overdone!


Honorable Mentioned:



Worst Dressed
Lupita, Kristen, Shaline…I’m appalled. While you may be talented actresses and are many times very on point…you’re outfits have see better days. Sorry, but you can all take Worst Dressed!


And while I’d love to dig into so many more amazing (and not so amazing) outfits from last night…I must refrain from making this post longer than it already is! Until nextime, lovelies.

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