Hunter Green + Navy

As many of you know I live in the north, where it’s typically extremely cold during the winter! And we’ve been having one of the warmest winters we’ve ever had! It’s so funny because I remember this time last year we were having our “polar vortex” and we couldn’t even leave our house! This year we’ve been having temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s and as much as I miss the snow, I’m loving the warmer weather! Unfortunately, this weather seems to be the hardest to dress for. I’m confused on what to wear and what temperature coffee to order and I feel like I’m never satisfied with either! Today I’m showing a look that I have found to be a staple for this unusually pleasant weather. I’m also showing you how to transition peep-toe shoes to chilly-er temps!




I made these peep-toe booties cold weather friendly with trying the new trend of printed socks with them! My mother of coursed loved it because it’s “so 80’s.”


I’m also obsessed with this tortiseshell statement necklace from The Lucky Knot (linked below)

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Thanks for reading! Don’t forget The Vintage Prep Collection is only available until Dec. 30th! (see the SHOP tab to shop it!) Thank you all so much for your lovely words about my designs and for your purchases! I have been overwhelmed by the outcome of all of this! Hope you all had a lovely Holiday!

See you next time, lovelies!
xo Em

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