14 Things I Tweeted in 2014

It’s almost 2015! Can you believe it?! Today, I’m taking a look back at my 14 favorite things I tweeted in 2014! Some of my tweets were funny, heartfelt, interesting, and some were just lame (but I tried to leave those out!) Without Further ado a look back in my year on Twitter:

14. “blood type: cashmere
– 9/1/14, 6:18 pm
Can any of my soul sistas out there relate?! I swear sometimes my taste for expensive and quality things is more than just a taste but a true “type”…blood type in this case.

13. “can amy poehler and tina fey adopt me please
Date: 8/25/14, 8:15pm
Commentary: I believe I tweeted this during the Emmys where Seth Meyers hosted and there were some pretty great Amy Poehler and Tina Fey moments… I mean really, who can’t relate to this one?

12. “if your phone background doesn’t match your outfit…are you really even trying?
Date: 4/18/14, 3:12pm
Commentary: Yes, there was a couple months when I actually did this, religiously, everyday. Then I realized there are better things to do with your life.

11.”Packed an extra statement necklace today. Just in case. #PictureDay
Date: 9/25/14, 6:27 am
Commentary: Yes, I really did this. No, I did not need to use it.

10. “unashamed of the fact that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to pictures of Zooey Deschanel
Date: 7/14/14 12:07 pm
Commentary: Still unashamed. If you’d like to see it and check out the rest of Pinterest while you’re at it you can find it here.

9.”officially added ‘future politician’ to my bio so that means it’s actually going to happen, right?
Date: 6/23/14, 3:55 pm
Commentary: I feel that the Twitter bio is just like this generations way of saying “here’s who I want you to think I am”

8. ” [Retweet from @KateTheWasp] Oil is plunging like a white woman’s self esteem after an underperforming selfie
Date: 12/16/14, 8:32pm
Commentary: I didn’t write this obviously, Kate Hendricks did and if you don’t follow her you’re doing Twitter wrong. However, I died laughing when I read this. So, maybe this isn’t “my” tweet but I felt it needs to be included because it’s perfect.

7.”are tea and a croissant adequate dinner food? #EatingAloneAtStarbucks
Date: 9/20/14, 7:48 pm
Commentary: Turns out, yes….somewhat.

6.”if you can’t beat them, dress better than them
Date: 5/26/14, 1:04pm
Commentary: I mean, if this isn’t the best life advice you’ve ever heard, I don’t know if you know good life advice. (That may have been slightly dramatic).

5.”whenever I finish a series on Netflix, a little part of me dies inside
Date: 5/30/14, 2:37 am
Commentary: How true though? Like I feel a true melancholy when I start the “series finale” like its over? Now I have to actually do something productive with my life? Noo, wait there’s plenty more to start! *starts new series and repeats cycle*

4.”relationship status: too overdressed to care
Date: 9/5/14, 3:40pm
Commentary: This remains true until this day. That is all.

3.”if you think someone (me) is cute then you should tell them (me)
Date:7/30/14, 11:00 am
Commentary: Anyone else hate mixed signals? Hashtag for real though.

2.”“is it possible to have San Pellegrino come out of your tap?”
…I say to the guy at Lowes while my family is looking at sinks.

Date: 9/17/14, 5:33 pm
Commentary: This actually happened. The man proceeded to ask me what San Pellegrino was and when I informed him, he promptly told me “No.” Followed by a blank stare. So that happened.

{Drum roll please…this is my favorite tweet of 2014}
1.”how am I suppose to decide what college to go to I can’t even decide what tea I want with my breakfast this morning
Date: 5/3/14, 7:53 am
Commentary: I mean, I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed re-living some of my favorite tweets of 2014!
(These were all tweeted on my personal Twitter account @emily_brisbin)
Thanks for reading and have a fabulous 2015!
Xo Emily

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