The Single Girl’s Guide to: Valentine’s Day

You either love it or you hate it. But no matter how you feel about it, you cannot deny that Valentine’s day is finally upon us. If you’re anything like me, you probably love it. Now, keep in mind, I am single and have never had a boyfriend over Valentine’s day! However, that does not make me a bitter person on the day of love. I love Valentine’s Day because one, there’s pink everywhere (!!!!) and two, while I may not have a significant other, I do have many significant friends and family members to celebrate my love for! I personally think it’s way more fun that way anyway! I’m also a strong proponent of the celebrations coined by my two favorite females on television. Anna Howard Shaw Day(shoutout to Liz Lemon for this one) and Gal-entine’s Day(credit to Homegirl Leslie Knope for this one). Okay, I know these aren’t real people (30 ROCK & Parks and Recreation) But I love how these shows depict Valentine’s Day. So, let me explain,

1. Anna Howard Shaw Day: This holiday was created by Liz Lemon (aka Tina Fey’s Character on 30 ROCK). February 14th is the birthday of Anna Howard Shaw who was a famous leader of the Women’s suffrage movement in the early 1900s! So basically, GO FEMINISM! Anyway, this is a good reminder that while love is important, so is the fact that woman now have the right to vote. So if nothing else, be thankful for that. See a clip here:


2. Gal-entine’s Day: So, this was coined by Leslie Knope (aka Amy Poehler’s Character on Parks & Rec). In the show Leslie and her female friends spend February 13th celebrating each other and all things feminine. They go out to brunch, buy each other gifts, and play fun games! I personally think this is the BEST way to celebrate the love that gal pals have for one another! See the Clip Here:

3. Treat Yo’ Self! There’s nothing more important than self care! Sometimes you just need an excuse to say “I love me, and today I’m going to celebrate me.” Take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to kick your feet up, throw on a chick flick, and finally try the avocado face mask that you’ve had pinned since September. Checkout the “You Pampered Thing, You.” Packed Party and have it delivered to your door on Feb 14th! Its like the spa is coming to you! Or maybe you’re in mourning over a recently ended relationship? Try the “You Don’t Need Him Anyway!” package! It comes fully stocked with things to get over your lost love and mend your broken heart!




Here’s my visual guide to all the things you need to celebrate Valentine’s Day with yourself or your besties:

The best movies, nail polish, snacks, and decorations! Checkout my polyvore for links to all of the items shown! (Yes, those are conversation heart macarons from Dana’s Bakeryswoon.)


So, however you feel about Valentine’s Day, I hope you can find time to spend it with your friends and family and celebrate feminism (and great women on television)!

Have a fabulous Day of Love, and don’t forget to love yourself first! #treatyoself

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