* Flower Child *

Disclaimer: No, this post is not titled “flower child” because I’m channeling the free spirit of the 1970’s…but it does include some fun tulips and carnations that I had to include in my outfit post.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking:


I couldn’t help myself to throw a Devil Wears Prada reference in there. Can you blame me, really?

Anyway, I know pictures with flowers for spring are a cliche but my mother hosted an event over the weekend and brought back some gorgeous flowers. Of course my initial thought was- I need to do a shoot with these. Thus, here is the fun I had with some flowers yesterday.









Both my turtleneck and pants are from Old Navy! My shoes are from G.H. Bass & Co.

Have a great week, lovelies! I hope you enjoyed this fun shoot as much as I did! Fun spring news coming soon so stay tuned! Thank you so much for being loyal readers and supporting me and my little website 🙂


Love you all

xx Emily

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Special thanks  to Christopher Brisbin for taking these (and all of my) lovely photos for me.


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