Summer To-Do List

    For me, it’s officially summer! Okay, maybe the weather is acting contrary to that -but nonetheless- school is over!!!! One of my New Years Resolutions was to spend more timely  doing adventurous things and less time watching Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, I love binge watching House of Cards but I realized that later in my life, I’m going to remember the experiences I had more than how Frank Underwood worked his way up to a fictional presidency (oops. spoiler alert!). Anyway, I found the best way to do that was set goals and th summer is the best time to accomplish them! And we all know- I’m a list maker. So, I (of course) made a list for this as well! My list is pretty specific to my life but I will attach it in this post so it can inspire you to create your own list and maybe spark some ideas! I’m also including some tips about making your own list to help you have a more productive summer!

1. Be Realistic

Of I’d love to add things to my list like “Go mountain climbing” or “Go to the gym everyday.” but I know those things are realistic and I’m ultimately setting myself up for failure. 

2. Be Practical

I added fun things that I wanted to do like “buy more fresh flowers” but I also added practical things like “save more money”. It’s important to be productive not just have fun (but having fun is the best part- I know.)

3. Find A Friend

My biggest motivation in any goal I set is always the friends I have around me. Ask them to do some of the things with you, or better yet, have them make their own list and help eachother accomplish those things! It’s always more fun when you’re not alone!

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Hope you all enjoy your summer! Talk to you soon lovelies!



 Got an amazing thing you have to do this summer? Share it in the comments!
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