Yes, I Got My Hair Cut…Short(ish).

Hi Friends!
Okay, I’m owning up to it for those of you who haven’t seen it on my Instagram already. Yes, I did get my haircut, kind of shortish. And no, I don’t regret it…I love it!
Let’s chat about it:
So, it’s summer and it’s been hot  and wavy bob’s are so in. They’ve been gracing the heads of T Swift, Jessica Alba, Rosey Huntington-Whitely, my peronal hair-spiration, Lauren Conrad, and of course many other celebs who are all in on the LA beauty trends for this summer. So, a while ago when LC chopped off her long blonde locks I read her blog post about it and the process she went through (read it here) and she talked about talking to her stylist, and going slow, taking a few trips until she was happy with the length, and considering why she wanted to cut it.

So lo and behold, a few weeks after I read that post (back in March), I started thinking about chopping mine off. Because 1) I love LC and she totally rocks it and 2) I wanted a change. I had just gotten a trim and my hair was still pretty long. I put some thought into it but considered keeping the length for the rest of the spring. And then came my appointment for my summer cut. I tossed the idea back and fourth- “Should I cut it?” “But what about growing it out until graduation?”  “It’s just hair, it will grow back.”  “But it grows so slow.”  You get the idea. So a few weeks ago I called to make an appointment with my oh-so-booked hairdresser for June 18th. And I spent just about every day of those two weeks stalking Pinterest for inspo and ideas and really considering the cut. I consulted family and friends -some on board, others not so much. But ultimately, no matter how many Pinterest boards I looked at, I wanted my stylist’s approval. I’ve gone to her my entire life! She knows my hair, she’s seen it short, she’s seen it super long, she’s seen it ombre, and dark brown, and light blonde. I knew she would tell me the truth. And she did, and together we decided on a nice wavy  medium cut. And also on a two colored blonde balyage coloring. I love how light and trendy it is for summer.

Here’s some of the pics I showed her for  inspiration:


And here’s what my hair looks like now(!!):



 I absolutely love love love it! Thank you SO MUCH to Linsey over at FRINGE Salon and Spa for always giving amazing cuts and colors!! This post is not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own! Tell me what  you think of my new hair! Hope your summer is going amazing!

Talk to you all soon,







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