Georgetown Highlights + Hotspots

How did I just now realize I forgot to blog about my Georgetown trip?! I’m sorry!!! But here we go- I’m about to whip this sucker out in 30 minutes! (Glasses on, coffee consumed, spotify jams playing, #letsdothis!)

The Best Things About Georgetown, Washington, D.C.:

1. Kafe Leopold’s

No, I didn’t spell cafe wrong, it’s European, people. And this little cafe is like THE BEST hidden treasure of Georgetown. Whilst searching for an amazing brunch place (I decided not to eat at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers like so many of you suggested… 45 minute wait because I forgot to make a reservation-ugh!) I came across this ultra-modern, incredibly amazing, and surprisingly inexpensive restaurant! My waffles were TO DIE FOR. No lie. Add this place to your DC bucket list. It’s worth it.

2. The Shopping

Specifically Anthropoligie and ZARA

So, this isn’t really a hard one to explain. If you’ve ever been inside either of these stores you know why they’re amazing. And, with only a few blocks between these two- you can guess where I spent most of my money.


3. Francis Scott Key Park and Bridge

This park, dedicated to the composer of our national anthem, is THE CUTEST. With gorgeous greenery, and amazing stone pillars and steps, it’s worth strolling by.  Located just on the outskirts of Georgetown with the bridge connecting it into the main downtown of DC.

  Yes, I got some selfies with the bust of Francis Scott Key. And I was probably way too excited.

4. Dean & Deluca

Quite possibly my all time favorite place in America. The coffee, the macarons, the food, the patio, the atmosphere. I love it and every year I get my annual picture by the patio door, following my consumption of many macarons and their legendary iced lattes. This trip was no exception.

And as for my outfit because I know many of you will be wondering:

Hat // Dress (similar) // Button Up // Sandals // Purse (similar)

Okay, friends. That’s it for this year’s trip to Georgetown! Until next year! I hope if you ever visit Georgeotown you get to visit these fun places! Also if you’re planning a DC trip, I’d love to tell you all my favorite places! I go often! Email me for more information!!

Hope everyone’s summer has been amazing!



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