Happy Vinyl Record Day!

PSA: This post seriously and almost embarrassingly puts the “Vintage” in “The Vintage Prep”.

I just found out it’s national Vinyl Record Day! As a long time collector of LP’s, I kind of freaked out!! I love love love the sound of vinyl records. And the whole sifting through dusty shelves for old records at little shops downtown thing is kind of my favorite pastime. My holy grail I’m currently in search of is a single of Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones! (I know it’s not that hard to find but I’ve never come across one in person-only online.)

One of my favorites I own is The Raspberries Greatest Hits! I think movies like Almost Famous and High Fidelity made me fall in love with records and the impact of classic rock!


That record store line though…. (#PennyLaneIsMySpiritAnimal)

Anyway, when I redid my room I created a cute little print to hang above my record player. And I thought I would share that with you today as  #VPFreePrintable! I actually made two alternative ones (see pictures) the link includes both! Click the pictures or the link below to download the pdf file and print your own! They would look adorable on a gallery wall or next to your Crosley!




PDF download

Any other Vinyl lovers out there?! What’s your “holy grail” album?

Until next time, lovelies!



P.S.- I have some very exciting news coming THIS FRIDAY! Keep your eyes peeled. 😉

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