The Vintage Prep Shop – Creativity and Productivty


Hello Friends! Today is the day, I get to announce my exciting news! I am launching my very first print shop!

As many of you remember, I did a collection of tees and totes through the platform Makr last year. Unfortunately, that platform was bought out by Staples and changed their policies and I am no longer partnered with them. BUT, that didn’t stop me from creating cute things and wanting to bring them to all of you! Typically with my graphic art I make it available through #VPFreePrintables, however, for some of my more detailed prints, I’ve decided to sell them via digital download! The online print industry is growing fast and I thought this was the best time to join the fun!

How does it all work?

Upon purchasing, you provide your email and within 24 hours you receive the PDF version of your print! You do have to print it yourself but you can print it as many times as you want! As long as you don’t distribute it or sell it as your own, you’re in the clear! The full terms and conditions are laid out on the site so please be sure to read those, should you make a purchase. (It’s pretty much the same as all the free printables I offer.)

Also, in an effort to not saturate my shop with a ton of prints, everything will be released in collections. Each collection has 5 prints and is available for a limited time only! This collection is titled “Creativity and Productivity.” Which I’ve lately been feeling are the most important things, especially in this back to school season. You need both to be successful! I like to call these prints “desk prints” because I keep them all hanging above my desk in my gallery wall!

Since WordPress doesn’t offer a very shop-friendly platform, I’ve created my shop through Weebly. You can access the shop through the “Shop” tab on (where you are right now) or through direct link right here.

This is my first time selling my graphic art as files so bear with me as I learn this process! Thank you all so much for constantly supporting me and my little blog! It amazes me how many people actually care  about what I’m writing and continue coming back to read more. I hope you all love this collection I worked so hard on!

Let me know what you think!

xo, Emily

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