My Favorite Wes Anderson Quotes

So, myself, being a self-proclaimed film junkie, felt the need to re-watch every Wes Anderson movie that exists. If you’ve never heard of him-familiarize yourself asap. His films are amaze. If you’re into quirky, colorful, and witty films, like myself. Christmas Break offered a lot of free time to watch them all again (or see a few for the first time-thanks library!) And, I was so so inspired by the color schemes and the wit. He’s arguably the most quotable screenplay writer…ever. So, I do what I always do, I made some cool prints and downloads for all you people!! Below are a few Wes inspired pictures with my all time favorite quotes from his films and the color schemes that match. Bonus points if you can guess each film!!  Here’s the PDF if you’d like to print them, below are jpgs if you’d like to download for wallpapers and such. (All are 8 x 10)wes1






hope you enjoyed these! and make sure to check out all the Wes Anderson movies! My current favorite is The Royal Tenenbaums but it changes all the time-he’s brilliant.

See ya next time,

xo Emily



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