What’s studioEM?! A Complete Guide to Some New (and exciting!) Changes



Hello friends!!

I know, it’s been awhile, I won’t pretend it hasn’t but that’s only because I’ve been working day in and day out to bring you all some amazing new content!

As of today, exactly one month before this blog’s birthday, I am officially launching studioEM! A branch and extension of this blog featuring an abundance of creative content! Basically the blog…but more! All the content will be represented with a variety picture posts, word posts and with…. wait for it…



And if you want to watch the video version of this post click here:

Yay for more visual content! This is not necessarily my area of expertise, however I’ve had some really amazing people help me with it and hopefully it will only improve from here! (#teamstudioEM is the BEST!!!)

I’ve wanted to start incorporating more creative content and videos for a long time and now seemed like the perfect opportunity (yo girl just graduated!!)

But what kind of content? What’s gonna change?

Don’t freak out- it only gets better from here! More printables, more pictures, more branded content, and more visual everythaanng. (and lots more color!) Content will be presented in a variety of different ways, videos and pictures and word posts, and gifs, and emails, and ahhh so much. So if there’s a certain medium you prefer- it’ll be here.

Same site, same content, just better and more.

So..what have you got for us? Is this all hype or what?? 

studioEM is not just an online community- it’s also an actual creative studio (+living space for yours truly) Annnnnddd – I am kicking all of this off with this really exciting series called “#TheMakingOfStudioEm” which is essentially me, recreating my entire lower level of my home into that creative studio / living space! New videos for this series will come out periodically since, it’s really happening, but it’s still in the process of happening (if you catch my drift) Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is this entire basement renovation. But don’t worry, this series is NOT just me painting and shopping at Lowes. This features all kind of things- Home decor DIYs, interior design inspiration, IKEA vlogs and decor hacks, etc! Sound fun, right?

Oh yeah, that’s the other thing, this is about FUN. All of it. I’ve spent way too much time worrying about silly things regarding the internet. All this stuff should be fun! Fun to make, fun to watch, etc. Accordingly, the new tagline (beyond “a creative lifestyle blog”) is..FOLLOW THE FUN! (or otherwise known as #followthefun). Because honestly, that’s what I want this platform to be about. Following fun, expressing creativity, letting it be a catapult for inspiration.

I’ve put so so much work and thought into this new branch and I’m desperately hoping you all love watching/ seeing/ reading it as much as I’ve loved making it!

Also be sure to subscribe to the studioEM Youtube Channel so you never miss a video AND subscribe to this site with yo’ email so you never miss anything! (also there may or may not be a super secret but totally awesome free printable you get when you sign up- just sayin’.)

I love each and everyone of you so much. Thank you for taking this blog to places I never thought it’d go! Here’s to another year of growth, and creativity!





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