My Long Search for the Perfect Planner


What’s up, you guys!

Today is an important day, because today is the day I come clean about how much I seriously used to hate planners. I did, it’s true. And I hated them because I was (am) so stinkin’ particular about what was in it. Here’s my planner must have checklist:

Must haves: A cute and durable cover that embraces color, lots of daily and weekly writing space, a month at-a-glance page, colorful interior and visually appealing fonts, spaces for to-do lists and other added notes I need to make during any given week, a pocket in the front or back to keep loose papers, notes, invitations, etc., little extra things like “daily gratitude” or daily encouragement (I like those touches), a good size- not too big or too small, and a decent price I wasn’t looking to spend more than $60.

So, yeah, I’m picky. And this meant finding the perfect planner seemed almost impossible! So, I consulted the internet and a few planner-savvy friends. And I found it- the planner of my dreams. I’d first like to cover just a few planners I’ve used / looked into in the past and what I liked and disliked about them.

  1. The Lilly Planner


I’m sure almost every Lilly-loving girl has tried or thought about trying the infamous Lilly planner. And one year, I did. It wasn’t awful, the colors and patterns were always bright and interesting, the interior was pretty, their was a pocket- but that’s about it. It had a small amount of lined writing space for each day and used about three days per page, it also did have the month at a glance if I remember correctly. No little extra daily things- just lines and only about 4 or 5 of them. Not a lot of other space except for a notes section in the very front and back. It was fine. I didn’t love it, but it got m through sophomore year. I would recommend it to people who are super particular with their planner but want a cute one that’s different than the ones most people buy at Target or Office Depot. Other planners like this one I also considered were the Bando Agenda, and the kate spade new york Agenda. Both good options, just not different.

2. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner

simplified planner

This planner- I love. I do. The layout is pretty good, the color options are good, the brand it’s self is amazing and I’m obsessed. However, I bought this planner a few years ago and I ended up giving it to my mom. Here’s why: This planner is big, it’s not huge, but it was too big to carry in my tote bag with all my other school books, and notebooks, and folders. To me, it just wasn’t practical in mobility. But for moms, who are a little less on-the-go, it’s perfect. I think that’s more the audience it’s meant for anyway with spots for meal planning and the day planned out hourly. So, the layout wasn’t totally my thing and really it was just too large. I understand they’ve made some changes since I’ve bought it last but it still wasn’t what I was looking for. But the company is still great and you should check it out!

3. Erin Condren LifePlanners


Here’s the thing, this planner checked most of the boxes on my list, but I just wan’t too fond of it in general. I liked the personalization on the cover, I liked the layouts, I liked the customizable coils and colors inside, I just didn’t love the price. This planner would’ve been top of my budget at $60 alone, then to customize the coil, it’s another $10, then gold foil on the cover, another five, then any other accessories you add another $6-$30. I was considering it, but skeptically.

BUT THEN, a friend recommended The Happy Planner, and after she told me about it-I was hooked. (also that friend was Anna from annanadianaturals– give her blog some love it’s all about clean makeup and it’s awsome!)

Create 365’s -The Happy Planner 


The biggest thing was- it’s discbound, meaning you can take out/ put in anything extremely easily. The covers, the pages, the folders, pockets, little art prints, pouches, like anything you could possibly want in a planner.

Here’s how it works- You can purchase a standard planner with all the months of a regular 2016-2017 planner, plus a few little extra pages for notes, a front and back cover set, and the discs (or rings that keep it all together) for $30. And then they have all kinds of little extras you can buy like pocket folders (a must on my list), to-do sheets (another must), different covers, different ring sizes, inserts, stickers, pen holders, stretchy bands, you name it. (and their all pretty decently priced). But honestly what got me hooked was the fact that there’s different inserts. So if you wanted you could just buy rings, and covers separately, and then buy a ‘set’ of pages for whatever you wanted. They have pre-made sets for a wedding planner, a fitness planner, a recipe book or cooking planner, a family planner, and just regular planner layouts. So you could add this year to your planner from last year, add your wedding plans to your current planer, make two planners with some extra rings, you get it. BUT AS IF THAT WERE IT- they literally sell a special whole punch that fits their planner rings so you could literally print out or make whatever you wanted, punch it with the disc punch, and put in literally ANYTHING you want in your planner. I mean, you guys, WHAT. So yeah, when I said perfect planner, you know why now. Because it’s  literally so customizable how could anyone hate it? I feel like I’m hardly doing it justice too- like, go on their site and look around– i died.

SO anyway, what I did was buy a standard planner– already together. I liked the inside colors and layout but I didn’t love the covers, and their were no pockets so I ordered a new set of covers, and a pack of pocket folders. I can honestly say I have created my dream planner. It’s literally so perfect. I can’t wait to add more things but you guys know I’m balling on a budget so i’m gonna wait a few weeks to add more 🙂 But speaking of price- lets break it down.

Another huge draw for me was they sell the planners and accessories at Hobby Lobby Stores. If you know anything about Hobby Lobby, you probably know that they almost always have a ‘40% off’ coupon on their website you can use in store off anything that’s not on sale. So this planner, only $30 originally, using a coupon was like $19.50 or something like that (with tax and stuff). That’s less than $20- you guys. You can’t even find a planner at Office Max of the same size that’s less than $30. And the aren’t badly priced either. The stickers are like $3.99 and up, bigger accessories were a little more, and the punch we talked about earlier is $30. (But again, coupons you guys!)

I know it sounds like I’m sponsored or something because of how much I’m writing about this but honestly I’m not- I’m just super in love with this planner! I want to share it! No more using mediocre planners- you can have it all.

That;s it for today’s post- I hope you found it informative and helpful! Be sure to follow my instagram to see how I’m using it and how I will throughout the year!




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