Easy Valentine’s Day Treats! 

Hey! Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Today I’m sharing some super cute and super easy treats to make for your special someone, or to take to a Galentine’s party and share with your besties! Oh and if you haven’t seen my past Valentine’s Day posts, search “Valentines” in the search bar! There’s some pretty good posts in there!

Now, the best thing about these is that they can be as homemade or not homemade as you want! It’s all about gauging what you have time for! If you have the time, you can make your favorite homemade Rice Krispie Treat recipe, and make your favorite frosting from scratch! But if you’re in a hurry, you can buy the treats in the box from the grocery store, pick up a can of frosting and decorate! It’s all up to you! I used a combination, I can never make my homemade krispie treats look this sharp cut and pretty, so I bought those, but I made this frosting from scratch because I love the way it tastes! However you decide to do it, the instructions are below!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Marshmallow treats, frosting of your color choice, sprinkles, and lollipop sticks  (optional)

You can decorate these however you want but I love the look of just covering the top 1/2 inch with frosting, then covering it with sprinkles.

Then for added cuteness, I made them “pops” and added lollipop sticks to the bottom! 

And that’s it! So easy! I hope you make these for all your Valentine’s Day festivities!

See you next week!




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