My Favorite Blogger Couples- Valentine’s Day Special

Hi there! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since I don’t have a romantic relationship of my own, I love to live vicariously through the adorable ones on the internet. Today, I’m sharing my favorite blogger couples! Not to be confused with my favorite vlogger couples, that is a whole separate post for a whole other time! Anyway, if you, too, like being emotionally invested in the lives of people you’ve never met, or if you just like to checkout other blogs, I hope you enjoy today’s post.

So, in no particular order (my love for all these couples is equal) here they are!

1. Kelly + Jeff Mindell (StudioDIY)

You guys, these two are the cutest!! Kelly is the founder of the StudioDIY – a blog and brand, with a massive social media following and a love of colorful and creative things.  Jeff, a photographer, works with Kelly at StudioDIY as having his own Society 6 Shop and huge following on his instagram and snapchat, himself. These two are so fun on their own but such a force together! Featured in each other’s snapchats along with their dog, Bella, they also make Youtube videos together and overall help eachother build their brands together, such goals!! Plus, they just announced they’re adopting and basically the whole internet got super, super excited for another fun and creative Mindell!


2. Ashley + Jared (Sugar & Cloth)

Ashley and Jared are the founders of Sugar & Cloth, a blog, with again a huge social media following! Jared is much more behind the scenes but still obviously a large part of the blog! This couple is recently engaged and have been sharing their wedding planning process! This year they even attended the golden globes and Instagram Live-d it all! I was living for that livestream, believe me!


3. Julia + Thomas (GalMeetsGlam)

Okay, but, how cute are these two?! Julia Engel was one of the first bloggers I ever followed and I still die a little over how cute her and Thomas are. Julia is the founder of GalMeetsGlam and Thomas, an award-winning photographer who helps, behind the scenes, as well as having his own blog that discusses photography and content production! These two are so fun on all their social media (especially snapchat) sharing their travels and fun daily adventures. Seriously, they’re the cutest!
4. Kate + Joey (Mr. Kate)

This quirky duo are the driving force behind the entire brand of Mr. Kate! Kate is an interior designer with a love of content creating, and Joey, (who used to be a drummer in a successful rock band!!!!) now does all the manly-man things needed for Kate’s Designs or DIYs, as well as helps behind the scenes with the business side of Mr.Kate’s brand!  These two make blog content but have the most success on their YouTube Channel (with almost 1 million subscribers) making HGTV-esque home decorating videos as well as vlogging some of their life! They’re so cute and so creative and make all the fans swoon with their cuteness!

Ok guys, how cute were all those couples?! Any blogger couples you now of that are cuter? Am I alone in my fascination with couples who work together on blogs? Anyway, no matter how you’re spending it, I hope you all are having a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Talk to you soon!




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