DIY Vintage Flower Bowl

Hi Ladies!

Today I’m sharing the cutest little spring centerpiece for your table! I’m planning to use mine as a centerpiece for my Easter brunch tablescape but I’m also leaving it as table decor all spring long! It’s so easy and the cutest little bohemian touch! Seems like something you’d see in Anthro, don’t you think?


What You’ll Need:

8-20 fake flowers (I only used 8 for reference and I stuck to little bohemian-esque wildflowers), a pretty bowl (I liked using colored glass), and maybe scissors depending on the kind of flowers you buy! Round 60’s sunnies not necessary, but they do look cute with the flatlay, don’t they?


The first think you want to do is begin picking the flowers off the stem. As I did this it took me back to days of the “he loves me, he loves me not” phase of my childhood! Haha, most flowers pop right off the stem with a small tug but for some you may need to cut them off.

Once you have all the flowers off, it might make a cute pic so you might wanna stop and grab your phone for a hot minute #InstagramMoment and then you can just toss them into the bowl and play around with placement of colors.


I used only about 8 stems of flowers, so if you want a fuller look you can opt for more! I just love this fun little decration! It adds so much brightness to any home!

Hope you enjoyed today’s DIY post!




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