My Nose Job Story

Hey friends!

Today I’m sharing a lifestyle post about my septo/rhino-plasty procedure I had done in November 2015. And, a little bit about my journey with my nose growing up! I’ll also be covering some questions / misconceptions people have about nose jobs but if you have any questions I didn’t cover be sure to leave them in the comments and I’ll reply to you! 🙂

So let’s start with a little bit of background. Long story short, when my mom was in labor with me, little fetus me got stuck in her birth canal and my nose broke! I know, my mom felt terrible! She ended up having a c-section, I lived, it was great, but I did suffer a broken nose in the process. And like many of you who have ever broken your nose are aware, the doctors couldn’t fix my nose until it was fully grown past puberty. That meant, I lived with a broken nose for about 14 years of my life which created something called a deviated septum. Now, to me, I didn’t know what not having a broken nose was like so I had nothing to compare my breathing to. However, I knew I couldn’t get enough air through just my nose to take a full breath. (About 20% of normal nose air intake) So, yes, I became an annoying mouth breather 😱. And yeah, it was weird, and I hated my nose growing up. It was crooked and it hardly worked!

So, at 14 I had my first surgery done to my nose to fix the issue. I don’t remember the name of the procedure but it was not a full blown rhinoplasty by any means. My ENT doctor went in and moved some things around, shaved off a few other things and put me in nose splints for a week. At first, this seemed like it helped and I could breath maybe a little better (maybe  30%-35% of normal nose air intake). But eventually, a lot of the scar tissue built up and it got worse (back to that 20% , I would say) and I needed breathe-right strips on my nose just to sleep at night. At 18,  I decided to see another ENT doctor (the best in my area) who was also used to working with plastic surgery cases, many including septo and rhinoplastys. I explained to him my nose history, he knew exactly what needed done, and explained things very well to me. I also expressed my want for my nose to look a little “cuter” 🙂 I explained that I knew this surgery wasn’t for cosmetic reasons but  I hated the way my nose was crooked and bumpy and wondered if there was a solution? He explained, in fixing my breathing issues, these cosmetic changes would also get fixed to give my nose better structure, form, etc. so, right around thanksgiving time I went ahead and had the procedure!

My recovery lasted about a full 2 weeks and it was difficult. (They put large plastic splints inside each nostril for one week after surgery to ensure it heals the right way) And even a week after I got the splints removed, my nose was still pretty sore. But after that the swelling went down and after one full year, the swelling was completely gone!

I’m about a year and a half out from it and I would say it was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I can breath immensely better now (about 90%-95% of normal nose air intake), and cosmetically the shape is no longer crooked, my tip is lifted and firm (they added cartridge from my ear, weird right?), and overall the smaller look is much more flattering to my face.


I didn’t think to take before pictures but I found this side profile on a whim and thought it was good for comparison.  You can see in the before picture my nose is much more crooked and pointed almost downward. A lot of people ask to see the comparision so that’s why I thought I’d share these 🙂

If you have any questions about my experience feel free to ask below! And if you have a deviated septum and are considering getting a rhinoplasty or a septoplasty procedure I highly recommend it! It has the potential to make such a difference in your life!!

Hope you enjoyed today’s lifestyle post!





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