#EmsBookClub -In The Company of Women 

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing about one of my recent favorite books! In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney (who is the founder of Design Sponge!)

I had heard about this book a little before and thought it looked so cute, so I ordered it to be a nice coffee table book. When I opened it up and started reading it, I realized it was actually amazing. Bonney interviews over 100 women who followed their dreams. Women who are entrepreneurs, creators, designers, artists, etc. Women like Joy Cho from OhJoy!, Genevieve Gorder from HGTV, Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co., and more! The interviews are so insightful, filled with business advice, creative wisdom, and fun glimpses into each woman’s life. Bonney asks questions from “What did you want to be when you grew up?” To “Name a failure that made you better.”

Anyway, it’s more than just a cute coffee table book or shelf filler, it’s full of so much insight and fun stories and that’s why it’s this months pick for #EmsBookClub! It might not be a book you read all in one sitting, but if you find yourself lacking inspiration or feeling defeated in your endeavors, open up to a page and read a story of a woman who persevered!

So fun, so insipiring, and such a must have!

To purchase those book click here!

Talk to you soon!

Xo, Em


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