The Cutest Things You Never Knew They Sold on Amazon


Today’s post is all about the absolutely adorable things I’ve found on Amazon lately! Seriously, you’ll die they’re all so cute, and so affordable. And, obvs, if you’re a prime member, free two day shipping!! Like you needed any other reason to impulse buy this stuff–amiright? (RIP to my bank account)

  1. Banana Swing Dress

I. Die. Look how cute this is! Under $17 and it’s so quirky and fun! Perfect for those super-warm days in August & September that we still have left! (and next summer too!

2. Retro-Bus Cat Pillow Cover

It’s like they took my aesthetic and created a perfectly affordable pillow case for me. Cats!? Retro bus?! $10?! sold.

3. This Freaking Adorable Portable Charger

Okay, I don’t know about you,, but I’m the kinda gal that like everything I own to be cute. And this? This is cute. They also make a few shaped like animals! I’m obsessed.

4. This Mid-Century Modern Bread Box

No vintage kitchen is complete without this 60s-esque bread box! 5 colors too! You need it, I need it, let’s get matching bread boxes, please.

5. A Cloud Magnetic Key Holder

Always keeping my keys in the clouds. But- I love this!! It’s so cute and a little whimsy addition to your entryway!

How cute right?! What are some cute things you’ve seen on amazon?

Talk to you soon!

Xo, Em



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